Powerful actions for your Jira Service Management Portal
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Jira Service Management - Interactive

Improve self service and speed up request handling with powerful actions for the customer portal
Customer Actions Overview

Highly customizable

Actions are fully configurable, including labels and messages. Configure different edit screens for request scenarios.
Customer Actions Configuration Screen

Seamlessly integrated

Customer Actions appear as part of the original request form for a very user friendly experience
Request Form Preview

More Details

  • More power to your users
    Allow your customers to edit requests right from the customer portal
  • Enable self service
    Allow users to link issues more easily
  • Community driven risk management
    New ways to use Jira Service Management - bring risk management to your company
  • Sign on request
    Need to fill an agreement without paperwork? Simply display it on the request form
  • Minimal footprint
    The app is designed to be as fast as possible to make editing seamless for your users
  • More control
    Let users only file requests when an action has been taken